To celebrate World Sake Day, on Friday 1 October guests dining at Sachi at Pantechnicon will be welcomed with a complimentary glass of sake.

The friendly team at Sachi will greet you with the intriguing unpasteurised ‘Gozenshu 9 Nama’ sake from the Tsuji Honten brewery in Okayama Prefecture, as well as the contrasting light and silky ‘Takashimizu Seisen’ sake from Takashimizu Brewery in Akita Prefecture.

World Sake Day is when Japan’s national beverage is celebrated as it marks the beginning of the cold months when sake is traditionally produced. It comes just after the autumn harvest of rice, and the chilly winter season that follows provides ideal conditions for fermentation. Come and honour sake at Sachi, a new restaurant which celebrates Japanese food, culture and design opened in July in Pantechnicon, London’s home of Nordic and Japanese creativity.

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