E.L.V. DENIM, Joanna Layla and Edward Bulmer Natural Paint have aligned to create an immersive pop-up exhibition, titled ‘At The Green Table’. Exploring the juxtaposition between fashion and design, the pop-up will host a curation from the E.L.V. DENIM Summer collection, surrounded by a new body of works on paper created by artist Joanna Layla, using waste paints from Edward Bulmer Natural Paint.

After first aligning in 2022 for an exhibition designed to tackle waste within the creative industries, ‘At The Green Table’ will encompass the green minds involved (E.L.V. DENIM, Edward Bulmer Natural Paint, Joanna Layla) and will be a month-long showcase and pop-up at Edward Bulmer’s showroom in Belgravia for sustainable voices to communicate, act, dream and inspire.

For the exhibition, E.L.V. DENIM have re-imagined a vintage stool and chair, upholstered in upcycled denim, both available to purchase. Known for their innovative upcycled designs, E.L.V. DENIM breathe new life into discarded textiles by designing and creating new garments to be worn for a lifetime. The exhibition with Joanna Layla and Edward Bulmer Natural Paint is the first time E.L.V. DENIM have applied their successful upcycling methods into furniture. Joanna Layla will also be illustrating an E.L.V. DENIM jacket, using Edward Bulmer Natural Paint, further instilling the relationship between artistry and fashion.

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint, made from plants, will be repurposed/reimagined to create Joanna’s art and play host to the exhibition. This coming together of three unsuspecting groups encapsulates the future of green design and innovation.

‘At The Green Table’ will be open from 15th June to 17th July at Edward Bulmer Natural Paint, 194 Ebury Street, SW1W 8UP