Grosvenor Property has a 340 year track record in making and managing neighbourhoods and support nearly 1,000 businesses across Mayfair and Belgravia.

Our aim is to create places where communities, businesses and nature thrive. We have created sustainable workspaces that create great service and contribute positively to the local community. To achieve this we focus on three core areas:

Hospitality Service

Grosvenor is committed to delivering a five-star hospitality service, affording our members the best environment in which to thrive and flourish.

We achieve this through constant investment in the workplace and via our concierge team who are always on hand to help. As a member, you can expect a range of curated experiences, from networking and social events, through to our famous daily drinks trolley.

Planet Positive

Grosvenor has set some of the most ambitious sustainability targets around four key themes:

Net zero carbon: committed to a 52% reduction in emissions by 2030 and 90% by 2040

Zero waste: By 2030, we will be a zero-waste business, integrating circular economy principles into everything we do

Valuing nature: by 2030,  we will have created a significant net biodiversity gain, helping to restore UK’s ecosystems

Transformative partnerships:  by 2030 all of our suppliers will be compliant with our supply chain charter.

People Positive

Grosvenor is committed to delivering social impact in the places that we manage.  We do this through:

Places: acting on local drivers of wellbeing, alongside meaningful community engagement

Team: having a diverse and engaged workforce equipped to maximise impact

Partners: collaborating to deliver inclusive growth and improve wellbeing

Philanthropy: building long-term partnerships that support local needs.