Soane Britain

Soane Britain designs and makes furniture, upholstery, lighting, fabrics, wallpapers and interior necessities with the aim of contributing to the joyful atmosphere of any interior.


50 - 52 Pimlico Road, London

Phone Number

44 (0)20 7730 6400



Led by Founder Lulu Lytle, Soane Britain designs and makes exceptionally well-made furniture, upholstery, lighting, fabrics, wallpapers and interior necessities that consistently reward the investment, adding a joyful atmosphere to any interior.

The evolving collections include entirely new designs as well as pieces inspired by the best antiques. The integrity of the manufacturing process underpins all of Soane’s work. Every piece is made in Britain, using a network of workshops that excel in traditional crafts, such as iron forging, chair-manning precision engineering, saddlery and rattan weaving.

The Soane design and production teams are able to work closely with the craftsmen to ensure pieces are exceptionally well-made and employ the best quality materials. The made-to-order designs can be customised using a diverse selection of in-house materials – woods, stones, metals, fabrics and leathers – and specialist finishes. Alternatively, clients may use their own materials.

Co-founder Lulu Lytle started with a road-trip around Britain to find craftsmen practising traditional skills; blacksmiths, cabinet-makers, saddlers, upholsterers and stone carvers with whom she could work. Over two decades, Soane has cultivated close working relationships with a network of talented craftsmen across the country as well as investing in its own workshops and apprenticeship schemes..