Founded in 1985, LINLEY is world renowned for innovative design and British craftsmanship.


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Founded by David Linley in 1985, LINLEY has a world-renowned reputation for fusing striking design with exemplary craftsmanship. Though it began modestly, it created an immediate stir, not least because David was the son of Princess Margaret, (sister of Queen Elizabeth II) and celebrated photographer, Lord Snowdon. The British public had never seen a member of the royal family in a vocation – making with their own hands and serving customers.

In the 1980s that was revolutionary and LINLEY has been pushing boundaries ever since. What began with private commissions heralded a succession of acclaimed masterpieces and burgeoned into a broader portfolio encapsulating architectural interior design, fitted kitchens & cabinetry and a highly curated retail collection.

Though not limited by any aesthetic signature, the brand applies the same enduring qualitative principles throughout.

Today, LINLEY is still renowned for distinctive design and soaring craftsmanship, peerlessly engineered and delivered with exemplary service. With a nod to the future and delight in tradition, nascent concepts are transformed into reality, to deliver project defining outcomes, creating singular and covetable results. Expect the most sublime British craftsmanship – the hands of masters advantaged by technology, the most delicate of forms, perfect proportions, intricate marquetry, materials that unite tactile pleasure with beguiling colouration. Everything LINELY conceives is recognisable by those quintessentially British characteristics of ingenuity and creativity, imagined and then realised by world class artisans and engineers.