Belgravia Garage

An independent garage with a longstanding history in the automotive industry and excellent customer care.


1 Eaton Mews West, London

Phone Number

0207 235 9900

Belgravia Garage is one of the oldest garages in the country, with a history of excellent service and customer care.

Eaton Mews West, just off Elizabeth Street, was originally designed to house the horses and carriages of residents. With the birth of the automobile in the late 1890s, Eaton Mews West began adapting its services. From 1930 the garage became a commercial  garage and was named ‘Eaton Square Garage’,  then later changed to ‘Belgravia Garage’ to represent its broader community.

Today Belgravia Garage offers a wide range of services from repairs and MOTs to valeting, with an extensive knowledge of makes and models. The team has a track record of awards in customer care and excellence, alongside building close relationships with many of its customers.