Barry’s is Los Angeles’ original indoor boutique bootcamp. Based around the simple idea of shocking your body with a combination of strength and cardiovascular exercises, enhanced by a night-club sound system and red lighting, clients often burn over 1000 calories during a one hour class.


16 Eccleston Yard, Eccleston Place, London

Phone Number

44 (0)203 954 2074



Since 1998, Barry’s has been delivering ‘The Best Workout In The World’ to a faithful fanbase including A-list celebs, models and even Olympic athletes. Our innovative technique works to ‘shock’ the body in the most efficient and effective way to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight and build muscle. You won’t experience a workout like this ever again! Our workouts include interval cardiovascular routines on Woodway treadmills and strength training utilising free weights. Muscle groups, intervals and workout segments vary to keep you guessing, and our trainers are the best in the business at helping you maximise your potential and ensuring every class feels new, fun and exciting.