Atelier Alba Amicorum

Un-framing Art: Scarf & Art Atelier Artist collaborations of limited edition scarves and other works of art are available by appointment or online.


12 Kinnerton Yard, London

Phone Number

020 7235 0888

Alba Amicorum is an incubator for wearable textile art. The medium is scarves, meticulously printed in limited editions, the result of collaborations with artists and artisans.

The studio also represents original works by collaborating artists. Collaboration is at the core of the brand, inspired by the Renaissance practice of keeping a friendship book—album amicorum in Latin.

Men and women in 16th-century Europe would fill their alba amicorum with contributions from friends and influencers by inviting them to contribute with inscriptions, artworks, poems, etc.

A cross between a scrapbook and an autograph album, these books have been described as an early form of social media, connecting friends, reinforcing relationships, and showing off literary and artistic connections.

Channelling this spirit, Alba Amicorum brings relevance to art by liberating it from the frame and onto fluid fabrics—to be worn, draped or folded in any way the wearer chooses.

Like Renaissance friendship books, the scarf becomes a personal means of communication.

Collaborating artists span different generations, cultural backgrounds, and media and have included the Man Ray Trust, New York painter Mary Jones, writer Ross Klavan and style photographer James T Murray.

Their work is translated onto silk, cashmere and other natural materials by a skilled family of Italian artisans who print scarves for some of fashion’s most prestigious houses.